Phoenix Tears - difference between ISO and MCT?

MCT Oil:

  • MCT is a carrier oil (derived from coconut oil), which means in order for the body to optimally absorb the medicine it is best to use a carrier. Carrier oils also include grain oil, olive oil, grape seed oil etc. MCT is considered the best oil for maximum absorption. 
  • The draw back of MCT oil is that it is very expensive and it does not condense/burn off. Therefore, you must take 3 times more than the Isopropyl/Ethanol Phoenix Tears.  
  • You cannot smoke/vape MCT oil. In fact, it is very dangerous.  

  • Isopropyl is less expensive. 
  • Some people are sensitive to isopropyl.
  • Isopropyl does condense and therefore the Isopropyl Phoenix Tears are thicker and stickier.  
  • If you'd like maximum absorption, you could buy a small jar of MCT oil and consume a small amount when you take the Iso pheonix tears.      
  • You can smoke/vape Iso Phoenix Tears. 

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