What is HD’s plan when Canada legalizes recreational cannabis?

What is HD's plan for legalization?

Herbal Dispatch is making plans to be federally licensed by the time the federal government legalizes recreational cannabis on October 17th 2018.

What products will be available after HD is licensed?

A selection of flower will initially be available, with oils, capsules and tinctures to follow. The craft program is expected to come online by mid 2019, adding more flower varieties. 

We anticipate that the federal government will allow concentrates, edibles and other derivative products in 2019, at which time we will make those products available to our members.

What will change between how I order now and how I’ll be ordering after HD is licensed?

To continue ordering with Herbal Dispatch after our re-launch, you’ll have to become a medical patient under Health Canada’s ACMPR program. We will make this process as quick and seamless as possible for you. Learn more about the ACMPR process click here.

Herbal Dispatch will continue to service it's members across Canada online via courier.

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