What are the benefits to registering as an ACMPR patient compared to buying it at a government-run store?

1) Price
The ACMPR program removes the "middle-man" (Government) from your cannabis transaction, which allows the "Licensed Producers" (LPs) to ship its products directly to you. Having one less touchpoint means better prices for the consumer. The government will tax recreational cannabis at a higher rate of 25%. 

2) Tax Savings
CRA allows for cannabis purchased under the ACMPR to be claimed as a medical expense. You can deduct your cannabis expenses on your federal income taxes, potentially saving you thousands of dollars a year.
3) Quality
With better margins servicing clients directly, we predict that most will reserve their higher-end products for their "buy-direct" ACMPR clients. Greenhouse product and other lower-end products will be "dumped" on the Government stores to be resold at a profit for the Government.
4) Service
We predict that private companies such as Herbal Dispatch will have more tools, education and experience at their disposal to offer a better overall service experience when compared to Government run stores or websites.
5) Availability
Supply shortages during the first year of recreational cannabis are expected as there will be a huge rush on cannabis and little supply for the first 12 months.

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